"Construction Mediation Really Works", an article by Gary Morgerman, president of CMI, has been reprinted in a new mediation textbook, Mediation Law and Practice, by Spencer and Brogan (Cambridge University Press, February, 2007).



Gary Morgerman, president of Construction Mediation Inc, announced that CMInc had signed a three-year contract with the Metropolitan Transit Authority to mediate its disputes with construction contractors on MTA New York City Transit and MTA Bridges and Tunnel projects. The MTA's "primary concern" was to find a firm whose mediators had "construction mediation experience and expertise providing ADR services involving private and public construction projects in New York City and had demonstrated its credibility within the construction industry." CMInc replaces Jams/Endispute (now JAMS) which held the contract for the past 10 years. New York City Transit and New York City Bridges and Tunnels are the largest agencies of their kind in the United States. Their combined operating budget for 2001 was $5.3 Billion.

(New York Construction News)



Construction Mediation Inc. of Manhattan has signed a three year contract with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to provide arbitrators for its disputes with construction contractors on MTA/New York City Transit and MTA/Bridges and Tunnel projects that have an arbitration clause in their contracts. CMI has a similar contract with the MTA for mediation services.

(New York Construction News - January 2003)


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