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Construction Mediation Inc. was the first firm in the New York metropolitan region to specialize in mediation to resolve disputes between members of the construction community.

Mediation, the least expensive and most painless method adversaries can use to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution of their dispute, is an Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure that is successful 85% of the time. Participation is always voluntary; if not happy with how the mediation is progressing, any party can terminate it at will, without prejudice to its case, free to pursue any of the remedies or forums - arbitration, litigation, etc. - that were available before the mediation commenced.

CMInc.'s success rate is higher than the industry standard. Not only are its mediators expert in mediation technique, they specialize in construction and in preparing construction claims for negotiation, arbitration and litigation. This enables them to play devil's advocate to any of the variety of construction, architectural, engineering and legal issues that industry players bring to the bargaining table-- a role that is critical to consistent success in construction mediation.

CMInc. offers a wide suite of services, including:

construction mediation
construction claims

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about the FOUNDER


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